Astra Star Stud Earrings


Embrace the magic and mysticism of Australian jewellery brand Midsummer Star! We wish upon them often - now you can wear a pair every day. The Astra Star stud features a bright and simple star design, perfect for wearing alone or in a second (or third!) piercing. Crafted in Sterling silver, these dainty pieces also make a beautiful gift for a stargazing friend, or perhaps as set to be treasured and worn after that exciting first piercing! Pop them into a birthday present or Christmas stocking for extra twinkly parent/aunty/nana love…

A deep love and an extraordinary connection are at the heart of Midsummer Star. Krishnan and Rachel have a fascination with ancient symbolism awakened in India and twenty years of travelling and working across the globe immersed in a myriad of cultures, terrains, textures and treasures, has shaped their experience. As they continue their exploration of freedom, creativity and imaginary worlds, they invite you to awaken to the possibilities of the Midsummer Star as it shines a light on a mysterious, magical and mystical existence.

- Designed in Australia
- 925 Sterling Silver
- 4mm Star
- High Polish