Bespoke Gemstone Teardrop Charm


Kirstin Ash is an Australian designer jewellery brand, embodying a paired back aesthetic that is both effortless and conceptual. The Bespoke Gemstone Teardrop Charm in gold is made with a sterling silver base and plated in 18k gold vermeil. Delicate in size, these sweet charms can be chosen for their colour, or for the meaning attached to the stone! All gemstones are genuine and therefore have natural, unique variation!

Garnet: The ultimate stone for new beginnings, Garnet is energising and symbolises truth, harmony and safety. This gem is believed to protect travellers. Its lustre, a signifier of friendship, health and loyalty. The Garnet represents the birthstone for January.

Light Amethyst: A powerful gemstone that carries peace and temperance, Amethyst is renowned for providing courage to its wearer. Wherever life leads and whatever path you take, know that with your amethyst in hand, you can enjoy a steadied mind. The birthstone for February.

Amazonite: Thought to promote creative expression, honest communication, truthfulness and selfconfidence, useful for when you face a tough decision or challenging situation. Amazonite is the birthstone for those born in March.

Peridot: Calms anger, brings harmony, good health, and peacefulness. Tradition suggests the Peridot can enchant lives, create a lightness of being and uplift the wearer as a symbol of strength and insight. Peridot is the birthstone for those born in August.

London Blue Topaz: A symbol of tranquillity and peace, promoting harmony, relaxation and soothing fears. Envoking images of the wind, sky, and water, this stone helps to channel relaxing energies, while conquering negative emotions - the birthstone for September.

Rose Quartz: Carrying a soft feminine energy, this stone signifies compassion, peace, and comfort. Thoughtful amplifiers of energy, this pale pink gemstone centred in love and beauty will inspire contentment and empathy. The birthstone for those born in the month of October.

Citrine: A calming, soothing and comforting gemstone. Said to spark imagination and encourage fresh beginnings and prosperity, Citrine carries the virtues of self-healing, and inspiration. Associated with success and wealth, Citrine is the birthstone for November.

Created for the modern woman, a love of sun-drenched moments and nostalgic influences comes to life in Kirstin Ash’s curated assembly of effortless essentials and statement pieces. Each piece is intuitively designed, with a focus on organic shapes and textural subtlety. Formed over ten years ago, by siblings – now business partners – Kirstin Ash and Nick Ash, each collection encompasses a story, infused with detail; a conscious brand where quality, design integrity and an authentic approach results in a cohesive range of elevated pieces.

- Designed in Australia
- Gold: Sterling Silver Base Plated in 18k Gold Vermeil
- Silver: 925 Sterling Silver