Evil Eye Luck And Protection Ring

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Palas pieces are jewels you’ll keep for always. The Evil Eye Luck and Protection Ring is part of their “Intuitively Yours” collection, which was inspired by symbols of love and protection, with evil eye jewellery created to stare back at the eyes of harm. Traditionally, these jewels brought happiness, love, success, and wealth to their keepers!

This bold, beautiful ring is adjustable and will fit finger sizes small M - N (7) to large Q - R (9) by carefully opening or closing the opening at the back. It can be worn by itself or with any of Palas’s stunning statement ring collection for a more layered, bohemian look.

Designed to collect, inspire and share, Palas has created authentically handcrafted jewellery with personal meaning using words and symbols as gestures of love, healing and inspiration since 1996.

- Stirling silver and brass

- The brass disc is 20mm in diameter

- Adjustable sizing