Exquisite Drinking Chocolate


Call it what you like - nectar of the gods, heaven on earth - this little box will deliver several incredibly sumptuous and invigorating hot chocolate experiences!

Packaged in a beautiful box with a host of delicious flavours in recycled paper lined with foil for freshness, each box contains 50g - of pure decadence.

A family owned business in Ballarat, Australia, they scour the earth for the very best ingredients grown in special places by amazing growers. The cocoa is sourced from five origins - Ghana, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru and the Brazilian Amazon. 

Beautifully packaged with shimmering golden accents, an Exquisite Drinking Chocolate makes the perfect addition to a special gift - that’s if you don’t succumb to the temptation of trying it yourself first! And did we mention, they are gluten free, vegan and absolutely delicious!

The Original Drinking Chocolate is one of the most pure and sumptuous chocolate experiences you can find. It is sourced from the best cocoa growing regions. It exhibits all the hallmarks of superb Forastero cocoa beans and a hit of Trinitario cocoa beans, with delightfully high fruity notes. “An intense dark chocolate experience, deep and powerful, with delightful hints of plum, dried cherry and sun-dried muscatels. It finishes off with an amazing textural resonance on the tongue and in the mouth that echoes delightfully for an age.” 

The Pink Salt Caramel Drinking Chocolate is a new take on an original. Take our lovely bold and exquisite cocoa, add a naturally caramelly unrefined organic panela sugar and season it with pink lake salt. It is smooth and utterly delicious.