*Nectar Flower Seeds

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Perfect for gifting, to someone you love or to yourself, the Settler Hives “Nectar Flower” seed sachet contains a sprinkling of seeds that, in time, will produce sunny, beautiful blooms in your garden!

Echinacea - Echinacea is common in many herbal remedies but, as a bloom, is drop dead gorgeous! Expect a plant around 100cm tall that lives for multiple years with spectacular purple flowers which look striking even as they fade.

Poppy - A cheery bright and simple bouquet of orange, white, yellow and pink flowers. Iceland poppies will come back for more than one season, with flower heads standing tall at 45cm.

Queen Annes Lace - stunningly intricate with lace-like white cluster flowers which attract bees and compliments alike. A dainty, whimsical plant which lives for a year, and grows 100cm tall.

Sunflower - As large and bright as the sun, these grow to 1.5m tall and create a striking attraction in the dullest space. Perfect to grow with little ones!

Roger & Hayley Mason started with two beehives in their backyard - now they don't just keep bees, they feed them! Settler Hives create feel good products that benefit our surroundings and help shape a positive culture of getting outside, with flowers, herbs and garden greens sourced from the best seed houses in the world. Ultimately by feeding the bees, they know we are feeding ourselves!