Handmade Scented Palette / Wax Melt


These scented palette wax melts are designed for a wax melter, but are also perfect for fragrancing a wardrobe or drawer. 

As an authentic designer lifestyle brand based in Australia, Black Blaze creates products to continue our passion for the great nature, art and minimalist designs. 

Celebrating individuality and creativity, Black Blaze takes contemporary style and infuses it with a timeless decorative touch into their homewares and home fragrance products that convey the relaxing atmosphere, artistic vibrations and rich lifestyles that we love.


Vetiver & Fig: Vetiver, cedarwood, moss, fig

Depaysement: Peony petals, rose, clove, grass, violet 

Rainforest Sunlight: Orchid, ferns, moss, conifer

Bush Walk: Pine, citrus herbal, green grass, eucalyptus 

Citrus Valley: Pink grapefruit, citron, lemongrass, blue spruce, cedar

Folks Gathering: Cucumber, orange rind, spearmint leaves, mimosa petal, ginger


-5-8 Hours Burn Time

-100% Soy Wax

-Hand Made in Sydney