Heart Charms


Palas pieces are jewels you’ll keep for always. The heart charm is the perfect gift for loved ones, whether as a memento of love or friendship or for an anniversary gift, birthday present or to symbolise a milestone. Hearts are one of our most popular symbols as they suit every occasion, age and style. If you are finding it hard to decide on a charm with words, a heart charm is always a successful choice!

Designed to collect, inspire and share, Palas has created authentically handcrafted jewellery with personal meaning using words and symbols as gestures of love, healing and inspiration since 1996.

- The “Heart Disc” charm is handcrafted in sterling silver charm with a raised bronze heart and brass bail. This small charm is 15mm.

- The “Open Heart Silver” charm is handcrafted in solid sterling silver. The open heart charm measures 13 x 12mm.

- The “XO” charm is crafted in solid sterling silver with a raised 'XO' in brass and bronze. This small charm measures 10mm round.

- The “Open Heart Silver With Dots” charm is handcrafted in sterling silver, with delicate brass dot detailing. This charm is 20mm in size.

- The “Open Hearts Double” charm is handcrafted from sterling silver and bronze, with both hanging from a sterling silver ring. Hammered in texture, this artisan piece measures 25mm.

- The “Small Square Heart” charm is handcrafted in sterling silver with a hammered finish and features a raised shiny brass heart motif. This small charm measures 15mm.