Luxury Raw Handmade Chocolate Mini


Call it what you like - nectar of the gods, sweet cacao sorcery, heaven on earth - but we know one thing for sure, this chocolate by Deva Cacao is absolutely delicious!

Handcrafted, this raw chocolate is sweetened with Australian bush honey and is free from dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugars - absolutely no nasties here!

Wrapped in mini pieces of art, the packaging is as good for the earth as it is your eyes! Designed with a range of botanical motifs, this packaging is made from a fully certified home compostable film - these guys are known for their award winning packaging at the International Good Design Awards.

Created by Maggie and Ming (a husband and wife duo) based in regional NSW, these two created the first tempered raw chocolate in Australia, and the only one to use Australian bush honey as a sweetened. This clever pair recently took our the 2021 Clean and Conscious Awards in the chocolate category.


-100% raw ingredients : Cacao paste, cacao butter, honey, macadamias, vanilla bean, sea salt

- Wrapped in certified home compostable packaging & card

- Free from dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugar & artificial colours/flavours/preservatives

Flavours: Macadamia, Mint with Nibs, Sour Cherry, Mandarin & Sea Salt, Liquorice