Organic Tea Gift Tube


Enjoy premium tea with Mayde Tea. Expertly crafted in Australia with organic ingredients, these gift tubes are the perfect way to savor a delicious cup of tea.

-70g, 40 serves 

Energise: A rejuvenating caffeine-free blend high in antioxidants and minerals that have been found to improve vitality. Sweet papaya and zesty, spicy herbs combine in an invigorating brew that naturally supports energy production. (Ingredients: Lemongrass / papaya pieces / ginger / cinnamon). 

Serenity: A floral blend of calming herbs, Serenity is both nourishing and warming. Soothing lavender combines with rose, passionflower and chamomile to support the nervous and digestive systems, making this a perfect pre-slumber elixir for a restful night's sleep. (Ingredients: Chamomile / rose / lavender / passionflower). 

Digest: An aromatic tea created to support digestion and cleanse the palate. Refreshing with a subtle lingering sweetness, Digest tea contains a mix of therapeutic herbs that soothe the entire digestive system for gut healing. Enjoy this cleansing blend after a meal. (Ingredients: Peppermint / liquorice / fennel / calendula). 

Sencha: This energising marriage of fine green tea and botanicals is rich in antioxidants. Sencha is a smooth, sweet and delicate Japanese green tea. Together with fragrant jasmine and rose, it gives you an instant lift at any time of the day. (Ingredients: Green tea sencha / jasmine flowers / rose petals). 

English Breakfast: The perfect start to the morning, Mayde's loose leaf English Breakfast blend is bold, bright and smooth. The traditional blend of certified organic black tea from India contains antioxidants that are beneficial for DNA health and tannins that have a healing effect on the digestive system. (Ingredients: A blend of certified organic black tea from India and Sri Lanka). 

Restore: Restore contains organic botanicals high in vitamin C, antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. This gentle citrusy-sweet brew combines lemon myrtle, rosehip and hibiscus flavours, and supports vibrant health and immunity. (Ingredients: Lemon myrtle / hibiscus / echinacea / marshmallow leaves / rosehip). 

Australian Native: Inspired by the sacred healing powers of the Australian wilderness, this medley of native flora is delightfully uplifting. The fresh aroma of the bush rises from a cleansing minty brew with digestive and alkalising properties. Savour this restorative blend at any time of day. (Ingredients: Strawberry gum / lemon myrtle / peppermint gum / rosella / aniseed myrtle / lemongrass).