Popular Problems Wallet

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Type “best leather bags Australia” into your search engine and we guarantee iconic Status Anxiety will be right at the top. Popular problems could include having so much cash there's a chance it could all fall out of your wallet but, fortunately for you, Status Anxiety has the solution for such an issue! The compact yet full functioning Popular Problems wallet zips closed to ensure none of your hard earned goes by the wayside, and also has plenty of card slots to keep your plastic safe too.

Bursting onto the Australian fashion scene by way of Sydney in 2004, Status Anxiety have been serving high quality, minimalist leather goods that complement an ethos of simplicity and true value. Their tanneries develop our exclusive premium leathers just for the brand, creating pieces that can go with you every day.

- Full-grain soft shrunken leather
- Wide opening, spacious outside coin compartment
- 6 card slots (slots can also be doubled up to fit 12 cards)
- YKK hardware - 145 x 103 x 23mm
- Comes in a recycled matte grey, copper foil Status Anxiety box