Princess Popsicle Doll


Purveryor's of sweet memories & unconditional love, Nana Hutchy create treasured toys for little people! Princess Popsicle, in her fancy party dress, has always been one for adventure - when the music goes on, she’s on her feet and dancing (even if the song is only playing in her head!) She’s on the look out for a fun friend to join her in a good session of twirling and whirling - could it be you?!

Established in 2003, Melbourne-based Nana Huchy is the brainchild of Lucy Morrison, mother of two rambunctious humans and one very affectionate dog. The brand curates classic toys, gifts & baby blankets made from beautifully soft materials and produced with superior quality – a nod to her own Nana and the things she used to craft. Made with love, their goal is always to encourage imagination and, of course, to make memories for a long time to come.

- Measures 55cm
- Suitable for 3+
- Spot clean only