Exquisite Seven Spice Chai


Grounded Pleasures are a family owned business in Ballarat, Australia, they scour the earth for the very best ingredients grown in special places by amazing growers. 

Beautifully packaged with shimmering golden accents, an Exquisite Seven Spice Chai makes the perfect addition to a special gift - that’s if you don’t succumb to the temptation of trying it yourself first! 

The Seven Spice Chai is a unique product of seven freshly ground spices, sourced directly from some of the world's finest spice farms. The spices are blended with an organic, unrefined jaggery sugar (evaporated sugar cane juice) and a natural Sri Lankan tea extract. The balance of spices ensures that the flavours are not too overpowering. This chai has been created to have a flavour as close as possible to a chai from a street wallah served in India or Sri Lanka.

And did we mention, they are gluten free, vegan and absolutely delicious!

-Box contains 50g of Seven Spice Chai