*Teardrops On My Chain Necklace

By Najo

Najo believes that great design feeds our soul, uplifts our spirits and whispers to us anything is possible - it is a potent antidote to the ordinary. Create an impression with this magnificent sterling silver pendant, designed to look gorgeous with your whole wardrobe! Taking cues from their signature classic teardrop design, Najo have created an opening and added an unusual twist that literally drips with effortless elegance.

Founded by Australian Jo Tory, Najo jewellery was inspired by the rich culture and artisans of Mexico. Every design, every piece of jewellery has been informed by the brand’s essence, encapsulated in its enduring mission statement: Self Expression by Design. Three decades on, Najo continues to be wholly inspired by its followers who interpret pieces so differently and ascribe personal meaning to them in their distinctive ways.

- Sterling silver
- 1.4mm snake chain 45cm length