Kinto Unitea Tea Strainer Mug


Kinto is a Japanese brand aspiring to create products that enrich your everyday life. Their product ranges include tableware, drinkware and interior items, Kinto collections are developed with an aim to propose a thoughtful and comfortable lifestyle. They value simplicity and subtle elegance; their products are designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding space while adding a unique touch. 

No need for a teapot - brew your tea in your cup! The Unitea Unimug from Kinto is a glass mug with a chic design, plus a highly durable plastic strainer and lid. This mug is ideal for brewing the perfect cup of tea easily in your office or at home.

-Dimensions: φ80 x H90 x W120 mm 

-Capacity: 350 ml

-Dishwasher Safe

-Made in China