Kinto Unitea Tea Cup


 Kinto is a Japanese brand aspiring to create products that enrich your everyday life. Their product ranges include tableware, drinkware and interior items, Kinto collections are developed with an aim to propose a thoughtful and comfortable lifestyle. They value simplicity and subtle elegance; their products are designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding space while adding a unique touch. 

The Unitea Cup from Kinto is a great option for avid tea drinkers. Unlike other tea cups, this one has a natural curve and attractive design that ensures that it is smoothly curved without too much bulge. The clear design of the cup is great for anyone who wants to watch their tea bloom, as the clear glass allows the tea to swirl beautifully before your eyes.

-Dimensions: φ80 x H70 x W120 mm 

-Capacity: 350 ml

-Dishwasher Safe

-Made in China