Wheatbags Love Eye Pillow

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We believe that a little bit of love goes a long way - especially a Wheatbags Love! With a calming lavender scent, eye Pillows have many uses, such as easing headaches and migraines, helping sore eyes and helping you relax and get to sleep easier. The Heart Gum design features the new growth of the Silver Dollar gum with its beautiful heart shaped leaves - the print is on the front of the wheatbag, with a soft green coloured cotton on the back. Are you looking for a gift? These are perfect!

Wheatbags Love was founded in 2014 by Kim Stark. As a remedial massage therapist frustrated by how unbecoming your standard wheat bag was, she started making her own to sell in her clinic. Then she started screen printing her own fabric, and selling to other similarly minded clinics and gift stores - 6 years later, her love of this wonderful, helpful product hasn’t dimmed!

- Hand made in Australia
- 100% cotton fabric
- Wheat filled
- Perfect size for placing over your eyes or for using as a pocket warmer, and great for tired eyes, puffy eyes, headaches and brilliant relaxing nana naps!
- Warm in the microwave (30-60 secs only) or chill in the freezer
- 21cm x 8cm