Flower Seeds


Grow vibrant blooms throughout the year with these seeds. A perfect gift for the green thumb in your life, these flower seeds are sure to bring joy and life to any garden. Easy to grow and maintain, enjoy vibrant colors and fragrances with these flower seeds.

Cosmos: These pretty pink petals will bode you goodnight each dusk, as you sit back and congratulate yourself on your growing prowess.

Love In A Mist: With pastel shades of purple, blue, white and pink flowers floating on top of fine feathery foliage, it’s easy to see where these beauties got their name from. 

Zinnia: For a little extra “zing”ia in your garden give these a go. With double petals in bunches of bright colours

Cornflower: There’s nothing better than discovering a flower bud in your garden (that you grew from seed!) and eagerly awaiting the next day to discover what colour it will be.  With this mix of red, pink, black, mauve, white and blue you’ll be at the edge of your seat in excitement all season long!

Sunflower: Perfect to grow with little ones and watch the flower heads follow the sun from East to West each day.